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Monday, November 2, 2009

le sick ( you know, like regular sick but more glamorous?)

I stayed home sick today because I have a fever, and slept until 2pm!! Whoa! I am feeling better so I think I'll finally get out of bed and do a few little things around the house (it is a disaster from sewing two costumes this week). But on to the fun things - Halloween!

Here's my handiwork - I made both of these costumes! Me as Maude Lebowski, JRod as Max from Where the Wild Things are:

I started dancing...

And by the end of the night (4:30 am), it was all just one big dance party anyway:

I have a million more photos, but don't want to be posting photos of random people I don't know that well all over the internet, but rest assured there were 5 Lady Gagas, several Simpsons characters, guys in drag, two Dolly Partons, Wednesday Addams, a Decepticon, many animals.... the list goes on and on. So much fun, probably too much!


Sal said...

You totally outdid yourself, lady. That Maude costume RULES!

Candycane said...

Fab costumes! :D

CC xXx

Orchid Grey said...

great costumes! well done!

audrey said...

your costumes are AMAZING! and so clever. LOVE the maude. xo


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