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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Designer duds

I hate that word, "duds", so ridic. Anyway, I don't really have that many "designer" clothes... I'm just accidentally wearing a lot of them today...
 Cardigan - Marc by Marc Jacobs (Plato's Closet, consignment store)
Blouse - Anna Sui for Target (clearance)
Watch - Michael Kors
Pants - Marni (Garment District, consignment store)
Shoes - thrifted

Hmm, I really should have taken a close up of the shoes... they are entirely covered in sequins and I wondered why they were at the thrift store- they looked like they had never been worn! The first time I wore them I figured out why - they are SO SLIPPERY! The bottoms are crazy, I don't know what they are made of - but it feels like I'm trying to walk down the bowling alley lanes... I'm pretty sure I'll fall down in them at some point today, and that will be the end of our time together. I'm wondering if I like sand the bottoms? IDK, probably not worth it to save $2 shoes - but sequined $2 shoes...


Anonymous said...

But for $2.00 more, you could buy those stick-on grips (Kiwi makes them, and Walmart has them too.) and then you could wear your sequin shoes with no fear. Worth it!

futurelint said...

Thank you so much! I had no idea! Sequin shoes forever!

Kimberly said...

Anonymous, thanks for the info. I knew they made some kind of grip but didn't know availability or price. Good to know.

Also, how great that your scored some sequin shoes at a thrift store. They are fabu!

Anonymous said...

i love everything made by Foot Petals -- these are another option:

Anonymous said...

Payless sells the grippers too!



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