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Monday, November 23, 2009

hello and goodbyes

Hello all! Had a lovely weekend - went to bed early on Friday after a rather late night on Thursday (watched season finale of Project Runway and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with the boys). I gotta say, that I, like everyone else was none to impressed with this season of Project Runway. I'm excited that there is a new season starting in January and it's back in NY. Hopefully that means more Michael Kors!

Saturday was my last day waitressing! I've been waitressing and bartending at a golf club for EIGHT YEARS and Saturday was my last day. They are closing the restaurant. It was super sad to say goodbye to everyone, especially my boss who has been like my second mother. Oh well, time to move on. I'll have a lot more free time on weekends, just less money to blow on silly things (like shoes! and concerts!) I think it will be fun to find a new summer job for this year too.
Shrug - Target
T-shirt - Target
Skirt - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes - thrifted Sasha Too


Clare said...

Ooh, I really like this outfit! So streamlined (that can be a word to describe clothes, right?). :)

Passion4Fashion said...

Oh boy! What a skirt! I love it!

ShopKim said...

Love the skirt!

Sal said...

You KNOW I'm drooling over that bolero ...


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