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Friday, January 3, 2014

Wedding week: Our reception (part 2)

More felt pennants I made... they were also navy and mustard and white like the ones on the cookie table.

We did a slideshow of photos of us growing up while people were finishing up dinner and eating cookies. My part was set to 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins. 

Nate's part was set to Photosynthesis by Frank Turner. Some of my cousin's little kids couldn't wait to start dancing, so they danced to Nate's slideshow!

We also did a slideshow of photos of Nate and I together that was set to Just Breathe by Willie Nelson. Henrik came over and pointed out to us that he recognized us up on the screen (cute!)

Our first dance was to Harvest Moon by Neil Young.

Then I danced with my dad to You Got It by Roy Orbison (I've always made fun of my dad for his love of Roy Orbison so this was a fun surprise for him!) Apparently my dad is hilarious when he dances.

Nate and his mom danced to Watching The Wheels by John Lennon.

Then it was time for us to relax! Even though our wedding was relatively small (130 people), and we knew everyone so well, it was nice to be done with "the wedding show" portion of the day. No more posing for photos, no more pressure that everyone is watching us, just time to have a beer and dance and talk to everyone! Phew! 

Thanks everyone for letting me blather on about our wedding all week and post too many big photos! If you have any questions about anything, let me know and I'll answer you! 

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