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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Very Special Episode

Today is Everybody, Everywear: The Thrift Edition. A special collaboration with Yen from My edit (who, let's face it, is The Thrift Queen.) Wahoo! Thrifting! This is also my area of expertise, if I do say so myself. Give me a thrift store, $15, and 15 minutes and I will come out with a whole outfit. Guaranteed. So today's outfit is entirely thrifted:

Blouse - thrifted Banana Republic
Skirt - thrifted vintage (no brand tag)
Sandals - thrifted vintage Candie's

I would say 99% of my outfits contain at least one thrifted element, so it was hard to narrow this down from over three years of documenting my outfits... But here they are, some favorite, favorite thrifted finds (click on the photo to go to my flickr if you want the rest of the outfit details):

9-13-08 Swan sweaterz2-19-09 Beltz
Awesome pink striped swan sweater...  about a million belts, that I occasionally throw on by the handful

4-9-09 Pale floral6-23-09 I'm a walking highlighter
This coat and this dress are adorbs, especially together... day-glo nightie I rarely wear but love

7-8-09 Just call me "Hollywood"1-28-09 I might puke...
Prolly the only overalls I will ever wear... a very Hansel and Gretel dress (and motorcycle boots!)

9-23-09 I'm a tiger, not a cougar9-17-09 Schoolgirl (but you know, not like a slutty one)
Tiger print oversized pajama t-shirt with tiger head... and this blouse that goes with EVERYTHING!

8-13-09 Well, if it's for charity2-11-10 When the circus boots come to town
Handmade dress that was apparently made just for me, decades ago... this skirt that goes with EVERYTHING and hello? The boots!

6-3-10 The Shipshape6-11-10 Whole 'nother level
Mysterious sailor shirt from France... dress made for sipping lemonade on the porch

9-24-10 Hell no, we won't go10-29-10 Camel horses
Authentic Vietnam War protest Army shirt... Horse. Head. Cardigan.

10-8-10 The cutest white dress in all the land10-6-10 Safety pin blazer
The cutest, easiest vintage summer dress... a ton of little boys blazers and my Marni cropped pants

12-3-10 Brave Friday2-17-11 I'm the Mary
Vintage yellow plaid pants, OMG... wool pleated rainbow skirt (and that awesome belt too)

4-2-11 A black and white affair3-31-11 Spring breakout
Insane dress that comes in handy for B&W affairs... these 1950s glasses frames (got the lenses swapped out), shirt, pants, belt, shoes, etc. It's all thrifted.

5-20-11 Navy & Neon10-16-10 Artist's loft wedding
Brightest pleated skirt in existence (and those sandals!)... Zee best coat ever!

EBEW: Thrift

Um, seriously there are a million more... things I wear everyday (like shoes, plain skirts and shirts, my million bangles), statement items, designer items, vintage items, SO MUCH GOOD STUFF.  Plus, home stuff too! So go get your hiney to the thrift store! And if you're too lazy or grossed out by it or live in an area where thrifting is difficult or expensive, then go hit up my etsy and "nail my leftovers."

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