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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July (and fifth)

Fourth of July... Mohawk Boy and I went boating all day with a few of his friends. When I got home, um, I got a little carried away and wore this to eat a sandwich and watch the fireworks in a parking lot... yeah.
Dress - thrifted vintage Promises, Promises
Shoes - Madeline (like 12 years ago!)

These were (I think) the first heels I ever bought that weren't for like prom or something.  I went off to college and decided it was time for heels... then I realized that having one major on one side of the Mississippi river and the other major on the other side meant I would have to do a loooooot of walking every day and would not be wearing heels for the next four years... oops. Still rocked 'em on weekends though.

Yesterday's outfit... Mohawk Boy found it amazing/hilarious that I knew the trim on my skirt was called ric rac...Oh, boys. I guess it is fun to say.
Tank - Old Navy
Belt - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted Willi Smith
Sandals - thrifted vintage Di Orsini

Ok, I'm off to keep updating the etsy with more vintage... having some time off before summer school starts is awesome but being poor sucks, especially since I have a mortgage payment, so I'm making myself "work" all day... only problem is photographing, measuring, and describing everything takes a LONG TIME! And I'm easily distracted at home...

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