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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Simple seventies suede

Glasses - Prada
Cardigan - Daisy Fuentes
T-shirt - Target
Suede skirt - thrifted (during my blogger meet-up this summer!)
Tights - TJ Maxx (I assure you they are BROWN not black!)
Shoes - eBay (brand is worn off, all I can see is "Made in Brazil")


Have you noticed I've been wearing my glasses all week? It's going to continue until next Friday, when I have a doctor's appointment to see if I am a candidate for Lasik. I've had glasses since first grade and contacts since sixth grade. My prescription is astronomical. Last year I ordered contacts from a big company online and after a few weeks they still hadn't arrived. I called them and they said they would be in soon, but they don't stock contacts that strong, they had to special order them from the factory. When I got these glasses the guy who worked there was giving me the schpeal about how they would be done in about an hour and then he looked at  my prescription and said they would be ready in a week and a half, after they special ordered my lenses. It sucks. So I'm stuck like this for two weeks and wearing my glasses gives me a headache because it is such a strain for my eyeballs to see the whole inch or so to where the lenses are. Plus wearing glasses all the time makes things difficult (running, reading Infinite Jest), impossible (putting on eyeliner, yoga), ridiculous (showering - spent several minutes this morning squinting at the floor of the white tub when I dropped the white soap) or dangerous (shaving legs - will either be hairy or lose a lot of blood). Ugh, I really hope I am a candidate for Lasik and can say goodbye to contacts and saline and foggy glasses when I come in from the cold forever!


northwest is best said...

Nice outfit! I love the style of the skirt. And I hope your eyes get sorted.

emmalemma said...

Wow! I thought my eyes were bad! I can see about 5-6 inches away until it gets really blurry. I agree that putting on makeup is the worst, sometimes I can't even get my face close enough to the mirror to see!

My mom has terrible eyes too and she is also looking into Lasik. They said that it would improve her vision but she still might need glasses afterward, only they'd need to be a lot less strong!

Good luck! But you look good in glasses anyway!

Fashion Flirt said...

I've been struggling with styes lately, so I've been stuck with wearing glasses. I totally feel your pain. I've managed to make yoga work, but only because I know the poses really well, so I don't have to SEE them, and I just toss my glasses aside and practice blind. Running I made work by wearing one of those Goody Stay Put headbands over the arms of the glasses, but under my hat and/or headband. However, spin class? I hated doing it blind, but if I didn't, my glasses would have just fallen off my face completely.

I hope your Lasik appointment goes well. Very exciting that you're taking that step.

Sal said...

Oh lady, I hope they can fix you up! What a drag.

dotty said...

as a fellow almost-blind person i totally feel your pain! luckily, i can totally read blogs while wearing glasses.

Lemondrop Marie said...

I sometimes want glasses, greener grass..love the skirt, such a great color!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Between Laundry Days said...

I am likewise blind as a damn bat. I keep forgetting my glasses when I go visit Joe over the weekend, which leaves me in a (literally) blind panic every night when I take out my contacts to sleep. I keep telling him that if there's a fire or something, and we have to get out quick, he's going to really need to take charge.

Good luck with the Lasik appointment! The whole thing still gives me the willies, but I definitely want to do it someday.

Oh, and I loooove this outfit. That skirt is phenomenal!

joelle van dyne said...

first off, i love your outfit- the coppery tones in the skirt and shoes are so rich and warm. i hope you'll post more when you find out about lasik- i also have a crazy high rx (same problem as you with wearing glasses too), so would be very interested to hear about it!

Rebecca said...

I really like that skirt.

I have been thinking about getting Lasik, but my eyesight is not that bad so I'm not sure if it is worth it.

Meri said...

Hi there- I'm a fellow Minne-apple blogger and fellow glasses wearer... I got some new ones this year (not as fancy as yours) but I had put it off for a long time because I thought I might get lasik. Now I'm not so sure again...

I love your style though... will have to take inspiration from your thrift finds in our lovely city :)


Marie said...

Similar story - I got glasses in 1st grade and contacts in 10th, and without them I have to hold things 2 inches away (literally) to read them. I've been thinking about Lasik someday but it makes me nervous, so I'm eager to hear how it goes!

Anna said...

I have terrible vision as well... it's a drag. My doctor told me I wasn't a candidate for Lasik because my vision hasn't been the same for more than a year (yep, it keeps gettin worse!). I'm envious of anyone that is able to get it. Life will be so much easier!

Daytime Night Owl said...

I just happened to catch of glimpse of the last comment and wanted to say quickly to Anna that she should try another doctor. Mine hadn't been the same ever (it was always progressively worse) and I've had Lasik. My doctor offered it without hesitation.

Ok, back to the post. I certainly hope you are a candidate. How exciting! I've had it done and it was the best thing ever. Everyone kept saying that the only thing I would regret was not having it done sooner. They were right. For your readers who are contemplating, it's totally worth it.

I was always saying that I was blind as a bat. Couldn't see the alarm clock, kicked things if I got up and couldn't find my glasses at night, shaving in the shower was tough, etc etc etc. I finally made the leap and I couldn't be more pleased!

I've written a little bit about my experience for anyone who's interested.
Lasik at Daytime Night Owl

LaToya said...

Hi! Just found your blog! It's really nice. My ex had Lasik done. Swears it's awesome. Great outfit btw.


melina bee said...

new here, I really like your taste in shoes and tattoos.

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i can't even imagine how difficult shaving with horrible vision must be. i wear glasses, but just for reading and computer-time. hopefully you'll be able to get lasik!

i'm loving your skirt - suede is one of my most favorite materials, is looks so rich and warm.

Nicola said...

Aw, but I like girls in glasses!

Not Everyone's Mama said...

I love that skirt and the shoes! Ok, I love the total outfit. :)

I'm hoping for lasik too. I've had the same problem with glasses and contacts my whole life and I'm scared someday my eyes will get so bad that they won't make contacts in that strength anymore. I already pay like 100 X more than what a normal eyed person pays for contacts. :(

Anonymous said...

new reader here. This post reminds me that I have a new eyeglass prescription to fill, but the Lasik idea always frightens me...what if something goes wrong.

Ms Fitz said...


Ena said...

Ohh I love those shoes! You really have a great collection of shoes.

I usually wear contacts too and hate it when I have to wear glasses, mostly because of the headache. I hope you'll be able to get Lasik.


Destrehan's Daughter said...

I feel you on the glasses. I have had mine since I was 7 and the prescription has just gotten worse. They won't do lasik on me but I wish they would sometimes. I can still find contacts though after seeing a special eye doctor and now I can order them online. I hope you are a good candidate!

D'Andra said...

good luck! Hope you are a Lasik candidate.
My husband got it about two years ago. His was almost blind before. I wasn't a candidate for Lasik, but had another laser procedure (PRK) done instead.


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