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Friday, January 21, 2011

Negative Nancy, Chipper Christine

It is -16F (-27C) out right now without even factoring in the wind chill, so there are MANY hidden layers going on today.  It's ok Minneapolis, I still love you. You are America's Best Bike City (according to Bicycle Magazine) and allegedly the Gayest City in America (according to The Advocate). So I will forgive you for being a frozen tundra, but let's try to get up to a reasonable and pleasant zero degree temperature, okay?
 Hair scarf - thrifted
Cowl - knitted by me
Cardigan - thrifted Land's End
Blouse - thrifted Kenneth Cole
Jeans - GAP
Boots - Rockport

It's almost the weekend! Tonight I'm hanging out with my friend Jeanette whom I love but don't see often. We're totally having a sleepover and I'm super excited! Saturday I'm off to volunteer at the Monster Drawing Rally (which has nothing to do with monsters. It's a fund-raiser where a bunch of artists draw for four hours and you watch them and then you can buy pieces right as they finish them for $35!)  If you live in Minneapolis you should come, I'll be there the whole time (doing artist check-in, not drawing!) and it's super fun! Last year they had awesome brandy-spiked cider and a fire pit and most importantly CHEAP ORIGINAL ART! Then Sunday it's FOOTBALL (I grew up in Chicago then moved to Wisconsin... the Packers vs. Bears border battle will never fail to thrill my heart even though I am now a Vikings fan.) Wahoo!


Rebecca said...

You look really warm. St. Paul doesn't have any cool awards, but Winter Carnival is coming so I can usually forgive the cold because of the weird winter fun.

Rad in BK said...

You are making super warm look super cute. I especially like the red, brown and navy blue color combination. As long as it was zero degrees, I could handle the weather in MPLS, but when it got a bit colder, I got whiney.

Between Laundry Days said...

Your weekend sounds radiant. Your outfit looks rad. The weather blows, but I'll take it, 'cause it's sunny. :)

Anna said...

what about if we live in saint paul? should we come then too? ha! jk. just trying to stir up a little city rivalry. but seriously, if i get out of my work inservice early enough i might pop over. i need some new art! our outfits are similar today- lots of layers and something wrapped around the neck!

Shey said...

Oh boy, and I thought it was cold here in Texas meager 30 degrees F! Well, but we did go from being in the high 60's to low 30's in a few hours and that's my defense hehehe. I can't imagine how cold it must be! I love the pop of red from your scarf along with the polka dots, and the sweater looks very warm. I hope you can stay warm tomorrow and have fun at your sleep over!

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

that sounds like such a neat idea! i hope you'll be able to post some pictures of the drawings, i'd love to see them.

Robyn said...

I can't even imagine colds like that. At least you are staying cheery with bright accessories.

wardrobeexperience said...

cute, warm, dots and without black. love it.


Christopher said...

Why is midwaycontemporaryart in NE. That is some bull. Is this your official website?


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