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Thursday, October 1, 2009

my sad Mac

Sorry I have been MIA lately... after being an abusive girlfriend to my MacBook for two years, he has up and left me. Well, his hard drive is "damaged" and has been in the capable hands of tech nerds for a few days... I'm supposed to get the diagnosis on Friday or Saturday. Boo. I assure you I am alive and still traipsing around in ridiculous outfits out in the real world. In the meantime I am taking this lack of computer time in stride and spending some quality time at thrift stores... this is HANDS DOWN, THE BEST time to thrift. So many thrift stores save up all their crazy stuff and vintage and then throw it out now for Halloween - I went to one yesterday and got SO MUCH great stuff! GO NOW! Later dudes and I will hopefully be back next week! In the meantime I can leave you with the last outfit photos I uploaded before the demise of the Mac (um, last Thursday's outfit?)

Cardigan - thrifted Target Sample
T-shirt - Target, fringe neckline added by me
Pants - thrifted
Shoes - etsy (VintageVogue - no longer a shop)
Jacket - thrifted (and my total fave fall coat!)



ipopheart said...

ooh. You have mentally inspired me to get my butt up and go thrifting. But for now, Im good stalking lady gaga online....

Sher said...

Love that coat! I bet you got a great deal :) sorry about MAC. Here I was thinking with all those commercials he was indestructible.

Sal said...

Dack! That leather blazer is AMAZING!

Jess said...

Oh, a sick computer is always sad :(

Great jacket! Very sassy cut :)

elena-lu said...

oooh too bad but hopefully the cure will be fast and you'll be MAC happy in no time! good luck!


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