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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

birthday dress

Just to prove I'm alive... here's a quick post. Will do "real" one tomorrow while bartending, hopefully! Have to go immediately from work to school for the open house! Yay for school starting soon! I'm tired of catering to the rich, I'm ready for the blood and tears!

My birthday dress:

Necklace - World Market
Dresss - thrifted Target SAMPLE
Shoes - Jessica Simpson
Bracelets - thrifted

Stole this color scheme from a little owl I found in an antique store when I was in South Dakota:

I spent the morning bartending then went off to a BBQ at Ryan's house with a bunch of friends! Played some yard games, grilled burgers and brats, had some cocktails, and then ate some turtle cheesecake while my friends sang "The Golden Girls" theme song (we always sing it on each others birthdays, we hate the Happy Birthday song and love the Golden Girls... it was quite a sight to behold - 12 dudes and 3 ladies singing me "Thank You for Being a Friend" at the top of their lungs on the lawn... and Ryan lives on the busiest street in Uptown...) It was a perfect birthday!

Plus... I got awesome Twins tickets, David Cross tickets, and Regina Spektor tickets! What great gifts!


Sher said...

Happy Birthday!!! YOu have the greatest group of friends. You always having a fun time :)

Jess said...

Happy Birthday!

The Golden Girls theme is a good song- I can't blame you guys for preferring it :)

Sal said...

Whew, great gifts indeed! And I love the owl-inspired ensemble.

The Thrifty Stylist said...

wait wait wait, we have the same birthday? how cool! happy belated to you :D


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