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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

mama hates packing...

Last Friday... Went to a backyard birthday bash (yes, a different one than mine... I spend a lot of time drinking beer in lawns and on lakes - I gotta take full advantage of the short Minnesota summer!)
 Glasses - Prada
Cardigan - thrifted Old Navy
Dress - thrifted and shortened from ankle length
Pocketwatch - garage sale, chain added by me
Shoes - Steve Madden

Monday... Went out for happy hour and dinner then to see Taking Woodstock...
Blazer - thrifted from little boys section
T-shirt - Target
Necklaces - mostly thrifted
Skirt - ?? it's like 10 years old!
Sandals - Indeed

Sooooooo excited for school after the open house tonight! It was awesome getting to see all my kids again and meet all the new ones (OK, I know I work at an arts school, but today I met a kindergarten boy with shoulder length dreadlocks - this is where I draw the line! He's never had a haircut in his life!!)

On a totally unrelated note, tomorrow will be waitressing, hanging out with my client Daniel, then off to see a friend's shitty local band (I say that with love)... Friday I have the day off! Whoo-hoo! Will pack for weekend and hopefully add some stuff to the etsy... the "stuff to put on etsy pile" is starting to get ridiculously large. Friday night I am going to go to a crazy weird wedding of my crazy weird friend Nate and his pleasantly quirky fiance Molly! Then off to Wisconsin with the boy to see the parental units and then off to Chicago on Sunday for yet another wedding! I'll be back sometime Monday and then school starts Tuesday! It's going to be yet another whirlwind of a week until then but then life and my schedule should steady and I'll be able to post three times a week again!

In closing I will leave you with two pictures from my birthday that I found amusing.

JJ and Matt somehow accidentally wore the EXACT SAME OUTFIT to my birthday (JJ is imitating Matt's hair part, smile, leg position, and stole a blue cup from someone else to really make it exact!)

Also FIVE friends wore a black shirt and blue jeans to my birthday... I told you my friends were unfashionable and are confused and amazed by my outfits!

Ignore Sarah's crazy crossed-eyes... she refuses to take a normal picture ever...


Clare said...

Love the color-coordinating friends and those SM shoes are awesome!!

Sher said...

LOL! You have a FUN group of friends :D

And those dreadlocks...I ditto your thoughts....but he must have looked sooooo cute!

ipopheart said...

Sounds fun! I love the necklace in the first pic- goes great with the whole outfit!

Mary-Eileen said...

hi! I love your blog!
I just moved to minneapolis. can you tell me where the target sample store is? thanks!

futurelint said...

Sure! I hope you like it here, MPLS is fabulous!

900 N. 4th St.
The upstairs is a regular Salvation Army and the basement is all new stuff!

My original post on Fake Target:


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