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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

fashion poll time!

Let's say I'm the kinda girl who knows people who know people and as a result have tickets to Justin Morneau's Casino Night... and for those of you who aren't baseball nuts like me, he is the hot shit player of the Minnesota Twins, you know, who won the 2008 Home Run Derby? Anyway, the attire is... business dress. What? Okay, I kinda get it, somewhere between a sundress and wedding attire. So, we have two options

Option #1 is dark brown, silk, handmade, and here is how I would wear it

Dress - thrifted
Brooch - my great aunt's - from the 1930s
Ribbon - off a present my sister gave me
Purse - Nine West
Shoes - Jessica Simpson (I know, I know, but seriously, she makes some cute shoes!)

Option #2 is my favorite dress, in case you couldn't tell because I wore it twice in one month! Here is how I wore it the first two times, and would probably wear the new shoes that I am wearing in outfit #1 and then some necklace and little purse... sorry I don't have a picture of the exact outfit but you get the idea?

So, which one? EVERYONE vote by tomorrow afternoon and then hopefully I will have some pictures to show you of me and some BASEBALL PLAYERS! Seriously in such squealing utter delight right now...

P.S. Tomorrow I plan on finally reading and commenting on everyone's blogs and putting up a real post and passing on my tags... my life is insanity to the max in the best way possible with no end in sight until school starts after Labor Day!


@wesome@bby said...

If I didn't like you and know how much you deserve this fun night, I'd throw a rotten egg at you! :) You lucky duck! I vote for numero uno, hands down.

Passion4Fashion said...

That first dress!! No question. Have fun! Take pics!

... said...

the first one, definitely! so YOU and still so classy :-)) btw, first time I drop by in months, and I get to vote - yay!

Anonymous said...

while i do love the white dress on you, my vote for the occasion is the first dress.

Sal said...

Another vote for the first dress. Tho the eyelet is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Delurking to vote on the first dress!

BAM said...

Tough one! The first dress seems more appropriate for the occasion, so I'd probably go with that one. BUT I do love love love the white dress on you. So pretty.

Sher said...

Oh it says here you posted this 23 hrs ago. sorry for the catching up. I would go for outfit #2. But can't wait to see what you really wore.

Woot! for scoring that invite :)

EndHaiku said...

Nah... you're a redhead. You're meant to attract attention. Go all white and stand out.


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