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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ok so I got tagged by Sher and Martina, and they are both for 7 things... so here are 14 things!

1. I have four jobs #1 = school nurse #2 = waitress and bartender on weekends and in the summer #3 = dan the man, my special needs buddy who will be in my life forever #4 my etsy, which isn't really a job, but it is a lot of work and pays well.

2. I love my job and none of it really grosses me out (the puke, the blood, the snot, the lice) EXCEPT when kids wiggle their bloody loose teeth in front of me. Ickers.

3. The single proudest I've ever been of myself was when I ran down the guy who mugged me, wearing wedge platform sandals and a skirt, and got my purse back.

4. I'm a bit of a fainter. It doesn't happen often but thank you and sorry to all my friends that have caught me on the way down. The last time it happened I was in Chicago on the El train platform, luckily I know right before it happens and was able to warn my friends so they caught me and prevented me from being hit by the approaching train.

6. 90% of my friends are boys. I've been issued an honorary penis.

7. I'm right handed. My mom is left handed. As a result of her teaching me things as a child, I do a LOT of things with my left hand and am often told I do things "wrong" like tying my shoes - cause I do it lefty!

8. I read a LOT of books. Probably 3-4 a month. A lot of them are read at work. It's awesome.

9. Yes my hair is naturally red and curly. No, I'm not Irish.

10. I've had surgery on my ears five times... my right ear has been acting up and being crazy for the last month... I've been putting off going to the doctor because I know something is wrong and I don't want to deal with it again. I know, I need to man up and just go and accept the facts.

11. If I had to pick only one album to listen to for the rest of my life it would be In the Aeroplane over the Sea by Neutral Milk hotel.

12. One author? Kurt Vonnegut (sorry, I CAN'T narrow it down to one book)

13. I don't have the attention span for movies. Even if they're really good and I like them, it's just hard to sit there for so long.

14. I've been wearing the same necklace every day for about five years. It's a cut coin of a seahorse from Singapore. I've only taken it off once or twice (like for my sisters wedding... although I did put it back on at the reception.)

There you go kids, and I tag EVERYONE (cheating I know!) Tell me when you do it and I'll read it, I love learning about everyone's little quirks!


The Thrifty Stylist said...

awesome! i also looove vonnegut, and have almost all guy friends. i think it's because i grew up with two older brothers. that and girls just don't like me ;) (the boobs? you would know ;))

Sher said...

You are one busy woman! And I'm such a wimp I probably couldn't handle any of those things on your job except for the wiggle tooth LOL!

thanks for sharing :)

hillary said...

Etsy is totally a job! Ha. I have red hair and I AM irish. heee. I like when people do these fun!


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