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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Shockingly, it's been six years since I started this blog and one year since I stopped buying new clothing. And it's been the best year of my life. I still love my job(s), I got engaged, got married, and I'm still standing on the stairs. Though, Nate and I are kicking house-hunting into high gear so who knows how long they'll be around! Some of my faves since last year...

4-30-13 Kooky ladies4-25-13 Pseudo suit
5-14-13 Plaid and polka dots5-7-13 Pale, pale pastels
6-6-13 My old friend5-29-13 Bats
9-17-13 Circus tent9-4-13 Flowers and skulls
9-27-13 Hey, Lawrence Welk9-20-13 Colossal
10-9-13 Fancy for a Wednesday10-4-13 Fancy flannel
11-14-13 Rita Fires10-10-13 Painting the apples red
11-22-13 Gray skull11-20-13 Ball!
1-29-14 Sanitized12-13-13 Rip-off
2-19-14 Like whoa2-14-13 VD
2-27-14 x22-24-14 Preppy punky
3-27-14  B & B3-20-14 Lemonade
4-11-14 Victory4-9-14 Judy is a punk
IMG_42344-15-14 Nerd burglar
4-29-14 Plastic fantasticIMG_4249

And of course the best days of all...
Axl N' Slash costumes

2013 Xmas card


Thanks to anyone who still stops by this little thing... I for sure put less time and effort into it than I used to but with so many other things demanding my attention, I'm ok with that. I know I'm in the minority over here with my lack of Twitter, Instagram, "it" bags, and affiliate links but I like it this way.  Love you all and see you Monday (I'm totally playing hooky from work tomorrow! Don't worry, they know all about it.)

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