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Friday, April 29, 2011

What is with me and orange lately?

Apparently I love it. So why don't I marry it?
Shirt - thrifted vintage
Skirt - vintage via www.pangs.etsy.com
Bracelet - thrifted little boys beaded belt
Sandals - Frye

Soooooooo excited for the weekend! About 6-7 friends and I are headed up north to a cabin this afternoon! Well, actually, they call it the "summer house" because I guess it's not exactly rustic. Should be a blast thought! Lots of games, croquet, throwing the baseball around, and a nighttime trip to the local townie bar! Then we're high-tailing it back here Sunday in time for the May Day parade followed by a BBQ and bonfire! I feel like it's the official kick-off to spring weekend! Let's hope for some springish temperatures and no rain! Byyyyyyyyyyyye!


Robin H. said...

"why don't you marry it?" haha! Have fun this weekend. I've enjoyed reading your blog for about a month now. I thought of you yesterday when I posted on my blog because it was the first time I had nothing vintage on in my post and it took me back a bit.

Rebecca said...

Orange is awesome. It sounds like you have a great weekend planned!

Kimi said...

I'll be at the May Day parade too! It is the official kick-off to summer, in my book.

I would wear that skirt with everything.

Orange looks great on you.

audrey said...

super cute blouse and hats off to you for riding a bike in that outfit!!

Between Laundry Days said...

Dude, your weekend sounds incredible. I wanna go to a summer house!!

And I love this outfit. That orange sherbet top is too cute.

wardrobeexperience said...

orange looks so fabulous with your reddish hair. it's the perfect summer-colour on you.

bought some orange pieces at the flea market yesterday... colour blocking sneaked in my mind lately.


CAITLIN said...

i made a bracelet out of my beaded belt last summer in an attempt to start a trend and it never took off... maybe you can revive it! :) i still think it looks way cool.


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