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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I love ugly things.

There is something about ugly things (like this burnt orange striped cardigan and these dead flesh looking knee socks) that just gives my heart a little thrill.
Cardigan - thrifted vintage
T-shirt - Target
Shorts - thrifted Paul & Joe for Target
Socks - Target
Shoes - modcloth.com

My date last night went good. He was pretty cool and easy to talk with for two hours. He asked what I was doing this weekend, but I'm going to a cabin with some friends, so we'll see if we hang out again some time next week. Tonight is book club at my house. We read "The Master and Margarita" which was really good if you're into seminal works of Russian literature about the devil. It's actually pretty funny. Not much to say today, it is raining again. All day. I am tired of taking the bus to work, I just want to bike every day, is that too much to ask? I'd be on board with this April showers/May flowers business if it hadn't snowed so much in April. Boo.


Kimi said...

Dang! You always have the best shoes.

I don't think this sweater is ugly at all. Maybe on the rack it would be sort of sad and rejected-looking, but on you it looks chic and put-together.

As for the socks - thumbs up!

Dr. Da said...

Love the shoes AND the sweater. I don't think the sweater is ugly at all!

Sal said...

Man, me too. I just want to BIKE, for pete's sake!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad that the date went well. I really like those shoes, and think they look cute with the knee socks.

two birds said...

i love ugly things, too...although in my book, they aren't ugly! glad to hear your date went well!

Megan Mae said...

At least you're wearing sunny colors. I'm wearing my "ugly shirt" today. I think your sweater is actually quite cute. Wish I could thrift a such cute sweater.

The rain is definitely not-cool. I'm ready for it to be over.

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

I love rugged and sturdy clothes- kinda ugly, no?
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
Spring Necklace giveaway

Stella said...

I quite like the sweater! It's not ugly at all! And I wish I could wear knee socks...you rock them, and I'm too shy to do so!

D'Andra said...

Great shoes! I'm jealous that you always have such amazing shoes!


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