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Monday, June 22, 2009

what I wore all weekend

Last Wednesday... oopsy doops... Spent most of the day in and out of etsy stuff for the shop, but here is what I wore to have a cocktail with a friend in town from Boston...

Ruffled shirt - thrifted and pinned with a brooch in the back
Grey tank - little boys Fruit of the Loom
Green tank - Target
Skirt - thrifted Ann Taylor LOFT - all the white parts are embroidery, I'll shoot a close up later, it's so pretty!
Shoes - Chinese Laundry

Thursday I was out driving around the beverage cart all day and forgot to put on sunscreen until I was already out there two hours, and thus I am rocking a fine "farmer burn" in this pic. I wore this after work, hanging out with my disabled client and then to a local hip-hop show to see a friend in town from Boston. I also wore it for a few hours after work on Saturday night...

Necklaces - thrifted
Vest - thrifted in the little boys costume section around halloween
Dress - thrifted Nine West
Shoes - thrifted vintage Candies

Have more to post tomorrow, since I finally have a whole day off! I'm super busy so far this summer, but rolling in dough and stress-free... I'm hoping to work a little less in the upcoming weeks but I doubt that will happen. Oh well, still having a ball!


Sher said...

What a pretty Ann Taylor skirt!

elena-lu said...

ya for using brooches :)
love that nine west dress!

andrea said...

the blue shoes are awesome

Lyric said...

You look so beautiful in both pictures. That Nine West dress is simply gorgeous.


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