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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm being killed with FUN (erm, and work)

Just a short one to prove to you I'm alive... had a fabulous weekend...
Thursday - bartending, picked up my client, then Jeanette's birthday
Friday - waitress then running then a wine party
Saturday - I slept in and had a leisurely lunch outside before waitressing a wedding until midnight
Sunday - I had a BBQ and pool party at my house in the morning followed by all of us heading to the park for an awesome baseball game (even though my team lost... boo) followed by pizza and a movie
Monday - drove the bev cart for 6 hours, (made lots of money -yay, got a farmer tan - boo), then ran 5 miles, then made taco salad with the boy
Today - waitress 8 hours, then hopefully just sit and sew and finally have some time to myself.

Don't get me wrong, this has been such a FUN week, but just so hectic... plus my friend Megan is coming in from Boston tomorrow, so I don't think this week will be any less crazy/fun... I have a few pictures for you that I'll post tomorrow, in the meantime just to prove I am a alive, here are some pictures from Jeanette's birthday that I stole off her flickr!


Sher said...

Happy to see you! Your last post said you were sick so I was hoping it wasn't serious. Instead you have been partying! Go ahead, it's the summer :D

elena-lu said...

yay you've been having some fun fun fun woot! and yes dont forget to check in every once in while :)


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