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Thursday, May 22, 2008

blah, blah, blog!

So instead of going to the Twin's game with the bf, I stayed home and sewed a skirt, seen here...
I like how it's super bright on the front and an olive green on the back. Not a bad way to spend like 2 hours. I also realized that I should move some of the stuff from behind my stairs, do I need an empty milk crate, a Coke crate full of photos, and an unhung Norwegian shelf in the background of every photo - no. Anywhoo, anyone who has $4,500 laying around should buy me this
from here

Oh, Kurt Vonnegut, you are my hero

I love Kurt Vonnegut and was so sad when he died last year (mostly cause I'd spent like a month trying to decide which $125 limited edition screenprint of his original work I should get. Trying not to be impulsive, I was looking them over and over and narrowing it down and changing my mind over and over. Then he died and all the prices went up to $500. No Vonnegut art for me. Boo. The day can be summed up by what the vice-principal of my school said to me on the day he died "I'm sorry that your guide dog died.") I regret not getting some of his art, not to sell and make the money, but because I will never have one now due to the money. Oh well, he's still my hero and I got a tattoo that represents some lines from one of his books (and I love it even more cause my friend Bennie tattooed it for me while I was laying on my couch. He just left to go serve in Africa for the Marines, so GO BENNY!). It is one of my least favorite books of his but I really like just one little part of it. I'll post it here one day. Everyone asks why I got it or what it means and I won't tell anyone the part of the book or even which book, I just tell them it's because of Kurt Vonnegut. Anyway, enough about Kurt. I am going to go ride my bike and get more freckles! YES!

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E said...

Wow, this is so random, and totally a little creepy (!!), but A) I think I've met you before, B) I have a shirt that you made (the helicopter one--and will be sporting that awesome thread on Sunday), and C) I'm dating someone you used to work with at St. David's (John U.)

So... Hi? I'm sorry, I feel like such a creeper, but I just wanted to say that I love, love, love your FutureLint tees and I bought a couple for my friends last fall, too! I hope you're still making them!


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