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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

day two

So last week I stumbled upon a bomb-ass garage sale that had a ton of upholstery fabric squares for 50cents and bought a bunch... I made my first purse out of a few pieces last night... I'm thinking I may try to make a few and sell them on my etsy. What do you think? Would you buy one (obviously they will all be different colors, sizes, etc) but this is just the first. What should I charge? Anywhoo, with all that sewing fun racing in my head I drove up to the northern 'burbs today to get some ribbons and zippers and some fabric to make myself skirts. I love to sew, but I hate how much time it takes. For example today I got home from work at around 3pm... what to do? I want to go for a bike ride since it is actually in the mid-60s for once, I want to go to the fabric outlet, I want to just sew another bag, I should do some laundry and vacuum my house, I need to screenprint a shirt for a friend's birthday, etc! I hate not having time to just fool around as long as I want. I am hoping to have more time this summer, but money is just a bummer since I don't have any. Anyway, here is my first bag...

it's around 6inches wide and 8 inches high, fully lined in red and with a pocket on the front and inside. The strap is long enough to wear across your body like a messenger bag (this is pretty much the only kind of purse I use, since I got mugged last year).

Anyway, I should go do one of those things on my list instead of blogging, so see you later and here is what I wore today (getting really sick of it being 40 degrees in the morning, thus all the layers everyday)
also the very important shoe close up (cause there is no way I would have destroyed my feet all day in these if they weren't so sweet and springy)

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