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Monday, March 3, 2014

Excessively Irish

Well, I had Friday off due to parent/teacher conferences. Even though this was a planned day off, it's been a crazy winter - I feel like I haven't worked any 5 day weeks! Nate gets done with work really early on Fridays (because he's already worked 40 hours by 9am on Friday) so we ran a bunch of annoying errands left over from the wedding. Like getting a new social security card with my name change and adding each other to our car titles. Exciting stuff.

3-3-14 Excessively Irish
Sweater - my dad got it for me in Ireland 16 years ago
Pants - thrifted newstock Target
Shoes - Michael Kors

On Saturday Nate and I made a turkey. His work gave him one around Thanksgiving but we celebrated with family so we finally defrosted it and made it on Saturday. I'd only ever made a whole turkey once before and now we have so many leftovers! We've already eaten a bunch of sandwiches (on pretzel buns!) and there's still a ton more... maybe we'll make soup?

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