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Monday, March 17, 2014

The good fight

I'm trying to fend off a cold with Airborne and Dayquil today. This sweatshirt has become my go-to comfort item for when I'm sick or it's like -40 outside. Unfortunately I can't take the day off and stay home because I've got to do vision and hearing screenings for the kids all day today. Boo. 

Sweatshirt - Obey Propaganda
Polo - from the golf club
Pants - thrifted Banana Republic (altered by me from long flares)
Shoes - thrifted vintage Minnetonka Moccasin

Yesterday I woke up knowing I was getting a cold. I'm trying to stay ahead of it so I don't get fully sick, just a little sick. We'll see. It was a good excuse to do absolutely nothing yesterday. Otherwise I had a fabulous weekend. We had a friend from out of town come visit and we went to some estate sales too.

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