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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Royal Tenenbaums

 Hair scarf - thrifted
Camel hair blazer - thrifted
Seed bead necklace - thrifted
T-shirt - Target
Pants - Express (10 years ago)
Shoes - Bakers

I couldn't figure out why I kept getting a Royal Tenenbaums vibe off this outfit this morning and then I realized...

Richie    +    Pagoda    =    Christine

I also don't know why I keep wearing bold pants... it's a phase I guess. A phase that will have to end because I don't think I own any more crazy colored pants (but I did dream that I thrifted a really cool brown plaid pair and woke up disappointed). I tend to go through phases a lot, usually with food. This summer, I ate a mango every day for about two months. Haven't touched one since (maybe because they are out of season). Right now I want to eat brussel sprouts every day, but it usually only happens like three times a week. Does this happen to anyone else? I mean, except for like five year olds.


Sal said...

Ach, you crack me up. And what a great take on Tennenbaum fashion!

EvaNadine said...

i definitely get cravings (for both food and fashion!) that get satisfied after a while, then the craving doesnt return for a long time. surprisingly, i also had a brussels sprouts craving like a year ago. i made some honey-orange ones + ate them with every meal until they were gone, and i havent had them since.

Allie said...

I am so with you regarding the Brussels sprouts! About a month ago I couldn't get enough and wanted them daily. Found a recipe on Shutterbean for a cole-slaw like salad with raw shredded Brussels sprouts and ate it every day for a week & still wasn't satisfied.

And 10 year old Express pants? Yeppers, I worked there back then and believe I owned the same pair. You totally make them work in a stylish Tenenbaums sort of way!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Royal Tenenbaums outfit FTW!

Thank you for reminding me that I need to dig my passport out before I travel tomorrow. :)

Destrehan's Daughter said...

I love to eat the same breakfast food for months to years at a time. It used to be yogurt then raisin bread and now it's granola bars with chocolate.

wardrobeexperience said...

i love this phase... so called bold-pants-phase.
pretty cool colour.


kirstyb said...

ha i love this - the trousers are fab x

DaniellaBella said...

Pink is the new black. I love it! I got through cereal phases where that's all I'll eat... I kind of enjoy it. At least thinking about what to cook isn't as time consuming!

Kimberly said...

Your pink pants are truly fabulous, my dear!!


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