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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ack! Le Kodak!

I lost/misplaced my camera cord... so I figure, no biggie, I'll just go buy another! I did! And it didn't fit! So I returned it and bought another one! It didn't fit either! So I stopped at an actual camera store and they told me that since it is a Kodak camera, they don't use the standard USB cords. They only use Kodak cords. Um, a big "f you" to Kodak on that one! So I bought a nifty little thumb drive reader for my memory card to stick it to them! Boo on you Kodak. Whatever, that is the reason I've been missing so far this week! But, on the bright side, that means you get two outfits today! Both of which are a bit modern-seventies!

Glasses - Prada
Oxford - thrifted vintage
Sweater - Bitten by SJP
Brooches - thrifted (The gold one that is all alone is from a garage sale when I was seven. It cost a dime. Buying second-hand and frugal since birth!)
Skirt - thrifted Express 
Socks - Target
Shoes - thrifted

Today: 100% thrifted!
Necklace - thrifted
Blazer - thrifted vintage (and it's made of camel hair! Which is weird! And feels... hairy!)
Blouse - thrifted Kenneth Cole
Jeans - thrifted Banana Republic
Shoes - thrifted Joan Helpern Signature (Of Joan & David! They were $3 and were handmade in Italy!)

Necklace and shoes (lets ignore my super awesome athletic socks... they were never gonna be seen under the pants and then I realized I've never taken a photo of these shoes before, so I took one in the bathroom at work because I am a Classy Bitch.)

Bye kiddos!

P.S. Also, on Sunday, I got stuck at the Milwaukee airport for like nine hours flying standby. And since I am super-awesome and smart, I left my phone at my parents house. Stand-by. No phone. Geez-Louise! The good news is, I survived thanks to my wits (and the glory that is Facebook so I could look up my little bros # to get in touch with my mom and cry to her that I was stuck at the airport. Boos.)


Lori said...

I love the second outfit, especially the red lipstick.

hannah, heart city said...

cute layers!

Try Not to Stare said...

You look so cute today, I am loving the red lipstick! Since your outfit today is 100% thrifted and you're not doing the 30 for 30, you might be interested in joining in with my Season of Goodwill project. All thrifted outfits for two weeks! I just started yesterday if you'd like to join, leave me a comment on trynottostare.blogspot.com and let me know so I can check it out!

Between Laundry Days said...

Today's fab look is totally making me swoon. I love the wide jeans, polka dots, and saucy red lips. And I'm such a sucker for sweaters and button-ups, so I love the preppiness of the first outfit, too! :)

Lauren said...

I love it when I find Italian leather shoes at thrift stores. That camel blazer does not look thrifted at all!

Anonymous said...

I love the outfits! Them being thrifted makes it so much better :)


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Both are stellar looks! I love the blouse in the second ensemble!

I am so glad I flew out on Friday instead of Saturday for my trip to San Antonio....

Lesa said...

I love what you did with the broaches. I have a ton of them, all beautiful in my eyes and I will be copycatting you!

wardrobeexperience said...

i'm a manic for dots, because of this i'm in love with this outfit. its brilliant.


Modesty is Pretty said...

Those shoes are amazing and I can't ever seem to make wearing many brooches at once, on you they look darling but when I see them on me I just don't feel they go together, I'll give it another try though, I also love the red necklace and the polka dot shirt!

those tricks said...

the camel jacket is great!


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