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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Miercoles Wednesday

Last Wednesday:
I tend to just let this dress stand on it's own, it's already making quite a statement, so it doesn't need a clutter of accessories. What that statement is, exactly, I don't know. It's somewhere between "No, I didn't turn your old picnic blanket into a dress, but yes, wearing it does make me want to eat pasta salad in the park." and "I may or may not be Ronald McDonalds birth mother." Eh, whatevs.
Dress - thrifted
Shoes - thrifted DeeGow Boutique
Though, to be fair, I spent most of last Wednesday in a swim suit. My book club had our monthly meeting at my house, so I had a big BBQ/pool party! We read Cloud Atlas, which was crazy good! It was super strange and spanned from an 18th century trading ship to the post-apocalyptic future and all the way back again! Nothing like arguing over symbolism while trying to dunk a friend.

This Wednesday:
Blouse - thrifted
Bangle - thrifted
Skirt - Ruth
Shoes - Charles David

This is just a Merona Target shirt, but lookie how cute the front is:


Rebecca said...

The front of that Target shirt is really cute.

Lori said...

I love the skirt.


Sal said...

That maxi dress is FAB!

Shhh said...

I love Cloud Atlas! I think I want to sit on you and have a picnic.

Iris said...

I love the detail on the skirt!

Lesa said...

I soooooo love the black and white outfit, beautiful!

wardrobeexperience said...

this red maxi dress is so amazing! love it!



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