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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Neon tribal fashion

I found this severely pleated piece of fabric in a thrift store in the "Halloween Accessories" section last October... yep right there next to the pirate eye-patches and cowboy hats. I have no idea what it's supposed to be but I finally sewed the ends together, added an elastic waist, and made a skirt! Yes, I put off this 30 minute project for 9 months. The point is, it's done and it's awesome!
T-shirt - Target 
Skirt - thrifted and sewed by me
Shoes - vintage Coach via www.burgerfoot.etsy.com
I was worried about riding my bike in it because it's so voluminous, but it was fine! 

Part Missoni Resort '11

Part Marc Johns' The Highlighter Kids
And hopefully no part Ke$ha


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

whoa i love it! especially with a gray top.
i totally put off little projects forever, but then i feel such great satisfaction when i'm done!

Anna said...

What a cute little skirt! And neon, it's so hot right now. (Like Hansel...hope you got the Zoolander reference).

Rebecca said...

I really like the skirt. I definitely don't think of Halloween when I see it.

Kay said...

Hi There!

That is actually a printed representation of a traditional Hmong dress (which would have been batiked, stitched, embroidered and pleated all by hand...also would weigh about 5lbs! haha).

There's actually a really large Hmong presence in the Twin Cities so I am sure you may have some exposure to the Hmong culture.

I am actually all the way over in Massachusetts but if you wanted any more information or to see pictures of the traditional dress- please pm me.

I think you look great and I wish we would wear our beautiful clothing everyday- not just for special occasions.

Have a great day!

Kay Vang
vangkayx at gmail dot com

Sarah said...

Love the skirt, it looks so unique!


Sal said...

Wow, Kay, how awesome that you spotted that cloth/pattern! And Christine, I bet that skirt is even more special to ya now.

Kimberly said...

That skirt is AWESOME!!

Great info, Kay!

christa said...

i'm liking this neon tribal...it goes great with the gray v-neck.

myedit said...

I'm glad you took the 30 minutes... I have a section of stuff on my rack that needs minor adjustments, it'll probably be 2013 by the time I get there.
ps. my rack... clothing rack not my body, clearly..

Clare said...

Dear god it's phenom. Thank you for making it.

tinyjunco said...

oh, that is beautiful. i love that tiny, allover encrusted embroidery you see in some indigenous pieces.. i have a top from central america with small embroidered birds all over the yoke, it's incredible.

Kay, how sweet of you to provide the background and links! happy weekend everybody!!


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