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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ahh, I remember it like it was yesterday

Ok, as promised, some outfits of the day, from some days ago...

Friday... I'm not crazy about this dress but always get a ton of compliments on it, so I've kept it. It's just like a little too fancy to be casual and too casual to be fancy. And I know, I'm supposed to hate flip flops and be all "No, never. Never okay to wear the flops. Not even to the beach. I wear stilettos to the beach." But I love the flop. They knock this bitch of a dress off it's high horse and make it less "garden wedding?"
Hair scarf - thrifted
Navy necklace - thrifted
Dress - Allen B (JC Penny super-clearance I think?)
Navy flip flops - Old Navy

Monday... I'm not thrilled with this outfit, but I'm not about to get up early on a Monday to put too much thought into an ensemble I wear for four hours of work before I rip it off and put on a bathing suit. So, it's ok, but I know I could improve it...
Hair thingie - belt off a dress
Pin - a necklace from Modcloth I dismantled
T-shirt - Target
Pants - thrifted
Shoes - Colin Stuart via Ross

Wednesday... I love this shirt. Normally I would NEVER wear these shorts to work, but everything is just soooo casual at summer school, I feel okay in them!
Bangles - thrifted
Watch - Michael Kors
Shirt - thrifted Liz Clairborne
Shorts - American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes - thrifted Nine West

The boy upon seeing my shirt, "What's on your shirt? Sea anemone? Urchins? Pasta? Koosh balls?"
Me, "Um, some kind of bows maybe? I don't know, I'm mostly in it for the graphic navy and white."


Melissa said...

"They knock this bitch of a dress off it's high horse and make it less "garden wedding?""

THAT made me laugh out loud.

I think you look great in all the outfits. I've still yet to wear shorts and heels together, mainly because I don't own any shorts. Other than denim bermudas. But I love your outfit in them.

christa said...

it definitely looks like bows from far away (which i loooove) up close it's more questionable, right? oh well, i love it.


Lemondrop Marie said...

Fab graphic navy and white shirt, I like the design and agree with the bow call.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

La Historiadora de Moda said...

That bitch of a dress looks great on you! I'm also a fan of the bow shirt.

Sal said...

The koosh ball blouse is too fab. LOVE it!

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i'm loving the bow print on that shirt.

Kimberley said...

You have the best sense of humour. Also, you look lovely in the "bitchy" dress.

Clare said...

YES to koosh ball blouse. YES.

Ena said...

I love how your outfits are so different every day! And I'm in love with the bow (I think) blouse!



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